At Branksome Hall Asia, I can proudly say that we are a warm and welcoming community, guided by the principles inherent in our Mission and Vision, and offering an exceptional educational experience for girls in preparation for a life of learning and leadership. We are united around a common mission to challenge and inspire girls to love learning and to shape a better world.

We have high expectations for our students and provide them with strong support structures so they can reach beyond their highest potential. Our entire community works together to build a culture of care.

As a caring community, we focus on providing leadership opportunities through service learning experiences in our local and global communities. Within this culture of high support, our girls are empowered to use their voice and grow into well-rounded women who make independent choices and live meaningful lives. Our graduates carry with them a true ethos to shape a better world.

With a diverse and highly qualified professional staff of over 120 teachers, with world-class facilities and state-of-the-art learning environments, and having academic achievement results that place us in the top echelon of international schools across all of North-East Asia, we are proud to provide the best educational experience possible to your daughter.

At this exciting time in our development as a school, we are approaching our full capacity. We welcome you to come and visit us to learn more about the exciting things that are happening at Branksome Hall Asia.

I look forward to seeing you at school!

Dr. Cinde Lock

We are united around a common mission to challenge and inspire girls to love learning and to shape a better world.
Dr. Cinde Lock

Dr. Cinde Lock Biography


Ph.D. Education and Mathematics (Queen's University)
M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction (Queen's University)
B.Ed. Chemistry and Mathematics (Queen's University)
B.Sc.H Chemistry (Queen's University)


Cinde is the Principal (Head of School) at Branksome Hall Asia.
She has been a teacher and administrator in Canada, and in International Schools in Trinidad, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Korea. Cinde holds a Doctorate Degree with a speciality in curriculum and assessment. With 28 years of experience in education, Cinde remains passionate about students and their learning.