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© Picture by Faye Yang

Our girls have earned awards at world robotics competitions, built their own wind turbines, won prizes for their entrepreneurial work related to cleaning plastics from the ocean, and received patents for their inventions to help improve mobility for disabled animals. They are true innovators.

Technology evolves at a rapid pace and is infused into all areas of life. Reflection of this global trend is present in the learning and teaching at Branksome Hall Asia through the use of state-of-the-art technologies that drive inquiry and promote creativity.

At Branksome Hall Asia we use technology as a responsible tool to enhance learning and curriculum outcomes. Students are guided to obtain, analyze and synthesize information necessary for success at school and beyond as 21st century learners.

© Picture by Faye Yang

"We are working on the blades for the wind turbine. The blades need to catch as much wind as possible. A real challenge! "
Branksome Hall Asia and Canada students during their Exchange (BHX)

Collaborative learning is enhanced by the power of technology. Students interact and collaborate with community members and other learners around the world to leverage and build on their learning. Learning technologies at Branksome Hall Asia support, provide and drive the natural desire for inquiry by giving opportunities to learn in class, outside of class and beyond the school day.

Through our Learning Management System (LMS), our students and their parents access information regarding both their academic programs and portfolio, as well as day-to-day organizational information.

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