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Culture of Care

We Support Our Girls

The Advisory Program

The advisory program curriculum is implemented throughout the year to ensure that our girls have support with topics such as digital citizenship, cultural competency, organizational skills, and social and emotional wellness. Each Middle and Senior School student is assigned an advisor in a group of ten, who checks in with her daily and is the point of contact for teachers. Peer mentor/mentee programs are in place to provide peer support for students as they transition throughout grades.

Flex Time

In addition, FLEX is a time built into the schedule when students have individual access to their academic teachers. Reading programs, writing support programs, and math programs are in place. Librarians work closely with students to provide high-interest reading materials in both English and the students’ mother tongue languages.


Peacemakers is a student-led group that focuses on the quality of relations between students by building a more harmonious school environnement through the practices of conflict resolution.

Counseling Program

We implement a comprehensive counseling program to support our girls through the critical developmental stages of childhood through adolescence. Our counselors are trained in child development, learning strategies, self-management, and social skills; they understand and promote student success. The comprehensive program teaches knowledge, attitudes, and skills. These skills form the foundation for a successful future, for our girls, in their academics, careers, and social and emotional development.