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University Results

Outstanding IB Average

Branksome Hall Asia is very pleased to announce another excellent set of IB results and university acceptances for 2022. Our students achieved a class average point score of 36 points and a 99% IB DP pass rate. In addition, all our graduates received acceptances from universities while 95% of this year’s graduates received acceptances from the world’s top 100 universities and programs. Furthermore, 99% of our students achieved the prestigious IB DP Bilingual Diploma. In addition, there are two students with the perfect score of 45. They are achieving remarkable success despite the fact that English is a second language. This achievement is a testament to the ability and focus of our young learners. 


High Expectations, High Support

Such results also speak to the quality of our programs at Branksome Hall Asia. Within the context of our caring community, our students set high expectations for themselves and know they will receive strong support from our teachers as they reach their goals. This combination of care, high expectations, and high support is the winning formula that is yielding high dividends for our students.


University Offers From All Over the World

Our results place Branksome Hall Asia among the top international schools in the world. Our students gain entry into the world’s top universities including California Institute of Technology, Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania, Cornell University, Williams College, The University of Chicago, University of Cambridge, and the London School of Economics, among many others. The significance of these phenomenal results lies not only in the academic rigor we expect of our students, but also in that they were achieved within a culture of collaboration.



Our students have recently received offers from CalTech, Columbia, Cornell, Chicago, LSE and many other prestigious universities. These offers are truly a reflection of the calibre of not only our students, but also, the top quality education that they receive at Branksome Hall Asia.

- Steve McNutt, Head of Senior School