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a learning and living journey


The school’s international faculty are committed to creating an international learning and living journey that promises to support each student to discover within themselves a strong voice; discover their strengths and talents; to take risks; to step outside their comfort zones; and the power to lead lives of curiosity, empowerment, and leadership through service to others.

What we look for in our educators

At Branksome Hall Asia we continually ask what do we want the students we teach to be like as adults as a result of their time with us. While the spine of these answers is found in our International Baccalaureate programs and more, we seek to recruit and support exceptional teachers who are willing to embrace the IB programs and more. We seek exceptional dynamic educators who model the values and dispositions we seek to inspire in our students and who will empower our learners as skilled communicators; productive collaborators; creative and analytical problems solvers; and with the ability to adapt to challenging situations.

Joining the Branksome Hall Asia faculty offers a range of exceptional professional and personal opportunities. The privilege of being a part of a young school, especially one as significant as this one in South Korea, is rare. Our teachers enjoy working with the most hard working students and dedicated international colleagues worldwide. Our award winning state of the art campus serves as an optimum professional learning hub.

What can you expect?

If offered a position at Branksome Hall Asia, appointees can expect to receive a copy of an employment contract as well as a request from HR for a variety of documentation including teaching credentials, certifications, and criminal background checks to begin visa processing.

The contract takes effect August 1. Newly appointed faculty will be expected to arrive to Branksome Hall Asia in the first week of August to begin a two-week induction program. First week of the program is designed to support teachers settle into their new homes, open bank accounts, obtain identification cards and begin island exploration. Week two is dedicated to on campus professional enrichment. The induction program is scheduled approximately two weeks before we welcome students to the new academic school year.