Branksome Hall Asia
partnerships and support

Parent Teacher Association

Mission, Objectives and Structure


The Branksome Hall Asia Parents & Teachers’ Association (PTA) engaged in a process of reviewing its current mission and purpose to ensure it continues to be an effective, dynamic and contributing organization within the Branksome Hall Asia community.

Mission Statement

The Branksome Hall Asia Parents & Teachers’ Association (PTA) fosters community and supports the school’s mission and strategic directions through active parent engagement, ongoing communication and strong partnerships.


  • Foster community
  • Support the school’s strategic initiatives through events and activities determined in partnership with Administration.
  • Ensure that the Branksome Hall Asia PTA operates in an effective, responsible, open and accessible manner, encouraging the participation of the full parent body and representing the various constituent groups of parents (i.e. junior school, middle, senior, boarding, new parents, etc).

Branksome Hall Asia Parents Teachers’ Association Structure

All parents of children attending Branksome Hall Asia and all teachers of Branksome Hall Asia are members of BHA PTA. The officers of the organization constitute the BHA PTA council.

BHA PTA Council 2017-2018

  • President - Kim, Yunjung
  • Vice President - Choi, Jung Ye
  • Comm. Coordinator - TBD
  • MS/SS GP Chair - Cho, Haengdo (GP Supporters Leader)
  • JS GP Chair - Kong, Siae
  • Event Chair - Gee, Eun Hye (Event / Friends of Theater Leader)
  • Treasurer - Bang, Eunjin (School Shop Supporters Leader)
  • Chinese Chair - Cui, Yulan / Kim, Hyunhee
  • Food Committee - Jung, Nani
  • Friends of Library - Kim, Yanghee
  • Friends of Athletics - Lee, Jungchul
  • Hospitality - Kim, Hyunhee

Greetings from PTA President

PTA Letter June, 2017

You can download PTA Newsletter Issue 4 here.