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Senior School

Advantages of the Senior School Program

We in the Branksome Hall Asia Senior School:

  • Offer the IB Diploma as our crowning program to each student’s Branksome experience.
  • Provide our students with the gold standard in pre-university qualifications.
  • Implement experiences that ensure a rigorous, relevant, and meaningful education that is holistic in nature.
  • Provide opportunities for local and global leadership through a variety of programs including domestic and international service trips.
  • Ensure a low teacher-to-student ratio in the classroom that encourages student engagement.
  • Offer robust academic, pastoral, and university guidance services.
  • Challenge and encourage our students to become women of substance who are prepared to help shape their world, locally, nationally and globally.
  • Foster each student's ability to become self-motivated with reliable organizational and time management skills.
  • Emphasize the creation of original thoughts and products, while encouraging students to challenge their assumptions and engage in meaningful
  • Teach students how to work both independently and collaboratively, with efficiency and care for the needs of the broader community.
  • Provide our graduates with the academic rigor and work ethic they require to experience success in their future university studies. Our philosophy of
    'High Expectations, High Support' results in top university placements for our graduates.

The IB DP Program offers our Branksome Hall Asia students so many advantages. The DP is highly regarded by top postsecondary institutions worldwide. It promotes the development of critical thinking skills, this prepares students very well for the rigors of university. The DP offers a well-balanced education that allows our students to think from a global perspective. Just as importantly, however, it encourages them to be responsible and ethical community members who consider the needs of others and attempt to find meaningful solutions to real life situations.

Mr Steven Bligh McNutt
Senior School Principal

Our students become confident and capable people who are inspired to meet life’s challenges with intelligence, sensitivity, and courage.

Student Testimonials

Branksome is where anyone can become a leader and make a change. The school supports us to start our own clubs, provides us with opportunities to work in the student council, and empowers us everyday to learn and lead.
Grade 11 Student

Afterschool activities at BHA help students to grow not only as a scholar but also as a person.

CASE taught me how to balance my life and gave me the opportunity to explore and develop my personal interests. For example, Soccer Academy, helped me to balance my social and academic life so that I could release stress and build friendships with students from all grades.

Since I look forward to majoring in Design, being part of the school yearbook design team helped me develop my Adobe skills and build leadership and organization skills that will benefit me throughout my life.
Grade 11 Student

My University Counselor, helped me discover my passions and dreams. She started with the basics: what I was passionate about, and why.

Then she helped me find the university with the best fit. I wouldn't be exaggerating if I told you that she is the one who made me who I am now.
Grade 11 Student

Our school encourages each student to have opinions and encourages every student to develop their own inner voice and leadership in areas they are most passionate about.
Grade 11 Student

What I value most about the afterschool activities in Branksome Hall Asia, is the student engagement that takes place.

CASE allows students to develop true leadership and collaboration skills. I have learned to be more active, communicative, and responsible.
Grade 11 Student

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