Located in the Center for Learning, Branksome Hall Asia’s library is a whole school facility that serves as a research, reading, and creative hub.

The library offers a large collection of print and electronic resources in English, Korean, Chinese, and other mother tongue languages, and offers flexible facilities that can be used by individuals, and large and small groups. Library staff regularly assist members of our school community with research and inquiry, organize special events such as visits from authors and storytellers, and seek to inspire a love of reading.

The library is open from 8:00am to 5:30pm each school day, with the exception of early dismissal days before holidays. Residence students can access the library after hours and on weekends under the supervision of our teacher dons. The library offers access to a variety of online resources around the clock.

You can access the library’s catalog online here.

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Curriculum Support

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Library Programs & Events

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Parent Programs

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library community...(READ MORE) 


In line with the BHA Library vision, the library encourages a love of reading...(READ MORE)

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