Branksome Hall Asia
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Students realize their potential and nurture their unique talents outside of the classroom through our Creativity, Action, Service and Enrichment (C.A.S.E.) activities. A wide range of opportunities complement the academic curriculum and enrich the lives of students by strengthening their creative thinking, problem solving, creative judgment, aesthetic sense, physical development, social interaction and leadership skills.

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The Arts are an integral and crucial element in nurturing creativity and the advancement of cognitive function. We provide a rich offering of visual and performing arts experiences for students in Junior Kindergarten through Grade 12. Students develop artistic skills and creative expression through music, dance and drama opportunities.

Branksome Hall Asia student musicians work with a team of professional visiting music teachers, including opera singers, guitarists and songwriters, concert cellists, pianists, percussion and wind Symphony Orchestra members. We strongly encourage girls to play brass instruments to share the stage as brass soloists. Our most advanced players and singers are trained to audition for the prestigious Annual Senior School Honor Strings, Wind and Choir Ensembles.

Activities and ensembles include:

  • Ballet
  • Korean Calligraphy
  • Korean Drumming
  • Photography
  • Studio Art and Design
  • Digital Story Telling
  • Theatrical Productions
  • Symphony Orchestra
  • Two Intermediate Orchestras
  • String Academy
  • Stage Band
  • Barbershop Chorus
  • Choir and Vocal Academy


Our Athletics Department affirms the development of the intellectual and physical potential of each student through a comprehensive athletic program.

Student athletes become:

  • The best they can be at every developmental level
  • True team players
  • Collaborators to achieve a common goal

Responsible citizenship is encouraged and nurtured in our students through:

  • Discovery and display of physical potential to build confidence, resilience, discipline and leadership
  • Time management and concentration in physical development, which are positively linked with academic achievements.

Athletic experiences are provided through our co-curricular and sport academy programs. Students compete in local and national leagues throughout the year.

We offer clubs and academies in:

  • Badminton
  • Volleyball
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Golf
  • Swimming
  • Cross Country
  • Track and Field
  • Equestrian


At Branksome Hall Asia we ‘challenge and inspire girls to love learning and to shape a better world’ and believe that this is achieved through service in our local, national, and global communities. Our signature Service Learning program educates students about effective and meaningful service. Our student-led service initiatives and projects are encouraged and supported through supervision by staff who are passionate about helping the communities we support.

The various clubs and activities offered are:

  • Animal Rights and Protection
  • Councils
  • Environmental Protection
  • Health and Medical Awareness
  • International Service Trips
  • Local Community Initiatives
  • Music In Hospitals
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Red Cross Youth
  • Sustainable Development
  • Tutoring in the local community
  • UN Girl Up
  • UNESCO and Human Rights
  • Women’s Empowerment
  • World Hunger


We challenge our students to develop new skills, to learn more about themselves, and to make a difference in the communities in which they live and learn.

This focus and encouragement towards a holistic education is delivered through various clubs and activities (outside of the classroom) and grade-specific advisory activities (inside the classroom) under the following programs:

Experiential learning:
Our classrooms are a foundation for learning giving our students tools to build on. Hands-on learning experiences outside of the classroom solidify the concepts that have been taught in the classroom.

Active engagement:
Students are given the means to enhance social interaction, leadership and self confidence.

  • Chess
  • Global Science
  • Healing Art
  • Math Competition
  • Math Support
  • Parallel Reading
  • Public Speaking
  • Writer’s Workshop
  • World Languages