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Branksome Exchange Program

Each October the entire Grade 9 class embarks on a 3-week learning experience to our sister school Branksome Hall, in Toronto, Canada. The exchange focuses on authentic student leadership activities and broadens students’ global perspectives. Our students participate in all facets of Canadian school life and culture. Our girls work side-by-side with their Canadian sisters in collaboration to apply an integrative thinking model to solve real-world problems and take part in a leadership camp. They also visit university campuses and meet with Alumnae to learn, first-hand, about their experiences in university. In February, the entire Grade 9 class from Branksome Hall, in Toronto, Canada, travels to our campus on Jeju to collaborate on a wind-turbine design project. Our girls’ worldviews are transformed through this cultural exchange.

Grade 9 exchange at Branksome Hall Canada

Exchange at BHA