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Boys Middle School


Branksome Hall Asia boasts a well-developed learning culture that will serve boys beginning in August 2023. This “school within a school” at Branksome Hall Asia will enroll boys starting with Grades 6 and 7 and continue to expand its offering in the coming years.

The Boys Middle School will offer your sons an all-boys IB Middle Years Program (MYP) curriculum that will run parallel to the highly successful and engaging all-girls MYP program that Branksome Hall Asia currently offers. 

Boys in the Middle School will enjoy the same signature Middle School curriculum that has been developed at Branksome Halls Asia since the school's beginning. Built around personalized experiential and problem-based learning, the rigorous mathematics and science curricula, cutting-edge design and computer science programs, and world-class performing and visual arts will challenge your boys, just as they have your girls. In addition, access to high-quality sports programs and a balanced health and wellness curriculum will provide your boys with a holistic education.

It is our pleasure to announce the introduction of the Boys Middle School, a boys’ day school with a full IB continuum education at Branksome Hall Asia. Please see key changes according to our future plan as below. 

  • Starting in 2023, boys can enroll in Grades 6 and 7 in Boys Middle School

  • Branksome Hall Asia’s excellent IB Middle Year Program (MYP) will be offered

  • Current Junior School boys will be automatically admitted to Boys Middle School

  • No boarding program for boys

  • Any girls starting in Grade 8 and up in 2023 and beyond will graduate in a single-gender environment 

  • After 2026, Senior School will be in a mixed-gender environment  

  • Girls and boys will be rewarded Branksome Hall Asia diploma and alumni status upon graduation






The Diamond Model


Through the “Diamond Model”, your child will benefit from the advantages of both single-sex and coeducation at Branksome Hall Asia. In this model, students are taught together in Junior School and separated through the Middle School years. After Middle School, boys and girls come together in mixed-gender Senior School classrooms in preparation for university life and the real world.

Coeducation is favored in the earlier years of schooling because it fosters mutual understanding and respect and helps young children appreciate equality, diversity, and the importance of co-existing. As a junior schooler, your child will be valued by their peers for who they are, regardless of gender, and they will learn to cooperate and collaborate from an early age. 

Middle School is a time when your child will seek to establish themselves academically and will form views on their future studies. Evidence is strong that a single-sex environment during the Middle School years supports student confidence and challenges gender-subject stereotyping. Research also suggests that a single-sex middle school environment can be advantageous to academic progress as it enables teachers to employ gender-sensitive teaching styles. Pastoral issues also tend to differ between the genders. The separation of boys and girls allows our teachers to support your sons and daughters more effectively. 

As they move into Senior School your child will work collaboratively with both genders. This will prepare them for university, adulthood, and the world of work. Coeducation in Branksome Hall Asia’s Senior School serves to challenge existing gender stereotypes and will encourage your boys and girls to explore their true interests and career options.