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One of the themes Branksome Hall Asia as a community cares about is “Sustainability.” Our students are dedicated to finding solutions to the world's problems to enhance the sustainability of our environment, health, and wellbeing through the students’ academic activities as well as through their CASE activities.

Among the CASE activities, Sustainable Development Academy is a student-led CASE activity, with the mission to nurture, preserve, and create sustainability. The participating students have published magazines titled “BHA Magazine of Sustainability” to educate and promote sustainability, with each issue focusing on two or three different United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).


Sustainable Development Society Magazine

Vol 1. Issue 1.

First page of the PDF file: Vol1Issue1SDAMagazine

Vol 2. Issue 1.

First page of the PDF file: Vol2Issue1SDAMagazine

Vol 2. Issue 2.

First page of the PDF file: Vol2Issue2Term3Magazine



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