Plaid Tidings

Dear BHA Community, 

The school is very excited to announce Plaid Tidings 2019 on Saturday 30 November.  Plaid Tidings is an annual fundraising event where our community comes together to celebrate the end of the year with music performances and trade goods, food, handcrafts and FUN activities. Marking the 6th celebration this year, the school would like to invite all of you to the event and to share together in the spirit of our community. 

Plaid Tidings is currently one of our biggest community events, introduced by a former teacher Angela Lau back in 2014, who was also a student of Branksome Hall Canada where it originated from. Over the past 6 years alot of support has been provided by not only parents but also staff, faculty and students. 

Traditionally, the funds raised from a serial of Plaid Tidings supported Moseulpo Children Center under BHA Oulim Project (2015), VEX robotics, JS Class Library Support (2016), a student international service project “Paradigm (2017) and many other initiatives at Branksome Hall Asia.  As funds have been returned to the local community, and projects initiated at the school, all the contributions collected from Plaid Tidings 2019 will go to Branksome Hall Asia initiatives in order to support a local charity, or local and international communities and managed under the name of “Plaid Tidings 2019 Funds”. All the expenditures regarding Plaid Tidings 2019 Funds will be transparently shared with parents via an official school channel.

We are excited to once again present Plaid Tidings, and hope it is a fun and enjoyable event where everyone can celebrate with family and friends. 

Branksome Hall Asia is very grateful for the continued support of our parents and the school community. 

2019 Plaid Tidings Details

Plaid Tidings Details: 
•    Date: November 30, 2019 (Saturday) 
•    Opening Ceremony: 11am at STEM V 
•    Market Hours: 11:30 to 13:30 
•    Venue: STEM V

Coupons Sales Details:
•    No entry ticket is required. 
•    Date: November 25 to 29 (14:30 to 16:30), Welcome Garden, School Center

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact 


We ask you to follow the guidelines below.

Seller Registration Guidelines for parents, faculty/staff and students: 
•    Please click here to register as a seller at Plaid Tidings on November 30.
•    All proceeds will be donated under “Plaid Tidings 2019 Funds”. (It is not applied to For-Profit local businesses)
•    Both cash and coupons can be used in trading. 
•    Please indicate if you require power when completing the form. If you do not state you require power, you may have limited access to power.
•    One table will be provided for each seller. If you need more than 1 table, please state on the form. No chairs will be provided.
•    Information on table number and booth location will be sent out via an email provided on the form. 
•    No open flames are allowed inside the building. Portable gas stoves will be allowed for use only in a designated outdoor area.
•    When the market closes, please fill in the blank on the provided donation envelope with the total profit made and return the envelope to the registration desk. 
•    No scotch tape or double-sided tape is allowed on the walls or windows. Only masking tape is allowed for putting up posters on the wall or window. All the marks made on the wall or windows must be cleaned.   
•    Please tidy up your table and area before you leave. 
•    The market will be open at the completion of the music ceremony. NO TRADING IS ALLOWED while the music performances are taking place. Please respect the performers.

Student Seller Registration:
•    Student sellers can fundraise at Plaid tidings for their service project by submitting a fundraising proposal form to Ms. Wayas by November 18th. Please make sure you state this in the form here.  
•    If you have not submitted the school fundraising form to Ms. Wayas, all the proceeds will be donated under the “Plaid Tidings 2019 Funds”    

Buyer’s Guidelines: 
•    No entry ticket is required. 
•    Coupons are non-refundable.
•    Both cash and coupons can be used to buy items. However, the school encourages the use of coupons. 
•    The market will be open at the completion of the music ceremony. NO TRADING IS ALLOWED while music performances are taking place. Please respect the performers.

Parking and Safety:
•    The loop of School Center is a drop-off zone not a parking zone.
•    Please park in the parking lots for safety.
•    Please be mindful of emergency, fire road and parking prohibited areas.   

More About Plaid Tidings

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Thank you to all our Branksome Hall Asia community for their generosity and kindness at another amazingly successful Plaid Tidings.