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Yujean Choi (G11) - International Visual Art/ Design/ Science Competition : Science Without Borders Challenge Winner 3rd Prize

- Message from Teacher -

Simply by deciding to enter this competition, Yujean displayed several key elements of the IB learner profile that deserve celebration. She has reflected on what it means to embrace significant issues that impact us as a global community and she communicated these concerns through her knowledgeable and principled stance. Making use of her significant skills as a graphic designer, Yujean has embraced the challenge of speaking out, testing her ability on a world stage and showing herself to be a genuine leader. She is an open-minded, balanced inquirer who is willing to take risks. I congratulate Yujean on her outstanding achievement and encourage all who may be inspired by her to ask yourselves how you might also exercise these qualities in your own, personal way to ‘help create a better and more peaceful world.


David Kelly – Visual Art Teacher

International Visual Art/Design/Science Competition : Science Without Borders Challenge Winner 3rd Prize

These days many coral reef areas are dying and this tragedy is taking place as a direct result of human activity.  Specifically, raised ocean temperatures are accelerating coral bleaching. 

The theme of the contest was "Take Action: Conserve Coral Reefs." 

In the middle of the poster we submitted, there is a sphere-like representation of water held by the hand of a human. This is the ocean, the habitat for marine lives, which swim through the water. In the poster, at the bottom part of the marble-like water, the coral reefs are depicted as flourishing as they were before the coral bleaching started. Providing shelter to small fish and other marine species, coral reefs are a treasure of the ocean. The three arrows which encompass the marble-like water were inspired by the recycling symbol. Various human actions are presented in the poster through the arrow and are contrasted with each other through the use of two contradicting colors: green and grey. The color green represents life and faith. The green part of the arrow, which is shown flowing toward the ocean, shows the actions that humans must take in order to save the corals. On the other hand, the color grey represents death and darkness. The arrow with grey color shows the action from the human that kills the coral and conveys the message that those actions must be halted. The chemical structure drawn next to the sunscreen is the Octinoxate, which is the main component that kills the coral reef. The hand supporting the sea indicates that the preservation of coral reefs is entirely in our hands.

In short, this art piece is the representation of the action that we must take to conserve the coral reef. 


By Yujean Choi (G11)