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 Yewon Maeng (G12) - Personal Project; Jewelry

- Message from Teacher -


The Korea Design Promotion Institute (KDPI) youth awards recognize the strength of our young designers. We congratulate each student for their hard work, dedication, and risk-taking. Each of them has shown tremendous growth as a designer and IB learner.

Yewon Maeng took a very challenging idea and created a work of art to raise awareness about an important social issue: refugees. Her jewelry project required her to learn several new technical skills, develop design ideas, and present her work in a professional manner. This is a wonderful example of what a personal project should represent.


Aidan Hammond
Head of Design Technology

Personal Project; Jewelry

This project is to produce a jewelry collection by symbolizing the identity of the Syrian refugees holistically in South Korea. Throughout this jewelry collection, the rose represents ‘love’ and I tried to represent the painful feelings of Syrian refugees. By expressing conflicts of the Syrian refugees’ identity, I strived to change the mindset of people towards Syrian refugees’ identity. The circular shape depicted teardrops above the rose leaves. When one drop falls from the end of a rose-leaf, it shows as Syrian refugees’ tears. Their tears represent painful connotations.


Yewon Maeng (G12)