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Yerin Kang (G10) - Logo and marketing

- Message from Teacher -


The Korea Design Promotion Institute (KDPI) youth awards recognize the strength of our young designers. We congratulate each student for their hard work, dedication, and risk-taking. Each of them has shown tremendous growth as a designer and IB learner.

Yerin Kang received recognition for her graphic design and branding work related to KakaoTalk Anniversary Channel. In this work, she showed her keen eye for design and branding.  


Aidan Hammond
Head of Design Technology

KOTheme: KakaoTalk Korea Anniversary Themes Channel

Although there are lots of meaningful anniversaries in Korea, many people haven’t considered them thoughtfully if they aren’t national holidays. However, anniversaries of South Korea should be considered carefully. I thought about how the people recognize and consider Korean anniversaries with meaning. According to a report from a mobile big data platform company, IGAWorks, a mobile application that has a large number of users in Korea is ‘KakaoTalk,’ which had 37.43 million users in 2019. Thus, I planned to utilize ‘KakaoTalk’, which 72% of Koreans have used for creating digital media content.

‘KOTheme’ channel is a sort of Kakao Channel Service. If a user subscribes to ‘KOTheme,’ it would send a KakaoTalk theme, which implies characteristics of a certain anniversary with brief explanations about the anniversary.

I created an interconnection between a certain anniversary and illustrated symbols related to that anniversary. Also, Zodiac characters contribute to grabbing users’ attention. Besides, the Zodiac character is changed depending on the month a certain anniversary is placed. I created three Kakao Themes as examples and also have plans for further expansion.

 Download the awarded KakaoTalk Korea Anniversary Themes Channel


Yerin Kang (G10) DP Design Technology: Logo and marketing