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Weekend Boarding CASE Program


By Ms. Yu Kyung Kim
Head of Ainslie House


Every Saturday afternoon, our Middle School boarding students participate in the Boarding CASE program. Our skillful Boarding faculty have offered 8 different CASE activities during Term 1, giving students a range of opportunities to explore their passions and develop a love of learning outside the classroom.

In the BHA Breakout activity, students learned to write encrypted messages, make puzzles, and crack codes. They were challenged every week to break into a locked box full of prizes, eventually becoming break-in-box experts who can design breakout boxes for their friends. Students participating in Boarding Peacemakers, Knitting for Service, and Boarding Leaders have dedicated their time in making meaningful contributions to the Branksome Hall Asia and local Jeju community.

A large group of students chose to work on their physical well-being by selecting Fitness Center or Sport Academy. With teacher guidance, students have adapted sustainable workout routines and found the joy of staying active by playing different types of sports every week. Students in Watercolor Art for Beginners and Japanese were able to deepen their interest in art and language by engaging in interactive student-centered activities.

Boarding CASE Term 1 has come to an end, however, our Boarding faculty are excited to continue to provide diverse and enriching learning experiences for our students next term. Due to many requests, Ms. Amore Visser is planning to offer an advanced Watercolor class for Term 2.