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Updates from University Counseling

By University Counseling team

We would like to share a summary of activities and recommendations for university counseling to date. We look forward to updating you about our graduates' new university acceptances when the results come out in August.      

For G12 girls: The university counseling department is exceptionally pleased with the university results of our recent graduates.  We look forward to hearing about their final university decisions, and this information will be shared in August or September. 

For G11 girls: The university counselors have been working with grade 11 students on their personal statements and essays. To help your daughters eliminate some stress in the fall, please encourage your child to complete the following activities over the summer.

Please continue revising personal statements and essays.The university counselors have already encouraged students to register for the exams. Please ensure your daughter has registered for any standardized tests required by their universities and university programs. Please encourage your daughter to study for standardized tests and continue to monitor websites of universities she hopes to attend to look for updates related to COVID-19.

Grade 11 students should: Finalize a list of 10-12 universities, with a healthy balance of reach, target, and likely universities.

Utilize the resources on the university counseling Google classroom page. 

For Grade 10 students: Grade 10 students have resumed their university counseling classes.  Finding the best "MATCH" with regard to university fit was discussed.  Students also took a multiple intelligence survey.  This was used in conjunction with a personality test taken earlier in the year as a means to help the students research universities that are a good fit for them.

For Grade 9 students: University counselors have made a presentation to Grade 9 students on June 17th. We look forward to providing an overview to the students about the university counseling program presently.

We look forward to seeing you all in August!