University Counseling Sessions

By Mark Lee, University Guidance Counselor

University Counseling Information sessions were held this past week for Middle and Senior School parents and students.  During the Middle School session, the significance of having students identify their passions and interests was discussed.  The importance of engaging in summer programs and internships was also outlined.  Such experience is important to help students identify their interests and passions and to demonstrate a sincere interest in a subject of study or career. Universities often look for such evidence as a feature of the application process.   

At the Senior School session, the university application timeline was outlined. Research from the Stanford Graduate School of education was cited during a discussion on the importance of choosing a university that is a good fit, rather than making a choice based on brand name alone. Recent research studies show that undergraduate student happiness and post graduate success are more closely related to ways that student engage with the university, rather than being related to the brand or ranking of the college.

Grade 12 university applications are proceeding apace with December 1 being the deadline for students to submit their applications.  

On behalf of the University Counseling Department,

Dr. Mark Lee 
University Guidance Counselor