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Time Management Workshops Delivered in Boarding

By Mindi Dryer - Head of Boarding

Before we moved to online learning, Shin Saimdang House provided a Time Management and Organizational Skills Workshop over the course of three weeks to Grade 6 students. The workshop was designed and delivered by Ms. Yoo, a Teacher Don in Shin House, with the aim to raise awareness on thinking realistically about time and understanding that time is a limited resource. The workshop was divided into three parts: Journaling and Setting Priorities, Efficiently Using 24 Hours in a Day, and Positive Self Talk. Although this workshop was intentionally focused on Grade 6 students, the workshop had a positive impact among all students in the House. A majority of boarding students are now effectively using their planners and have an increased desire to achieve academic and personal goals. In a time when more online learning is taking place, time management and organizational skills are crucial for student success. Similar workshops are delivered by our dedicated Boarding Faculty at Branksome Hall Asia to support their academic and social needs throughout the year.