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The Significance of Preserving Milestones in Our Lives

The Significance of Preserving Milestones in Our Lives

Dr. Blair Lee,
Principal, Branksome Hall Asia

In 2022, Branksome Hall Asia commemorated its 10th anniversary since its inception on the beautiful island of Jeju. Following their presentation at the 10th-anniversary ceremony in November 2022, our student leaders collaborated together, shared ideas, and collected items that would best represent the year 2022 and what it meant to Branksome Hall Asia.

Their efforts came to fruition on May 12, 2023, when we held a ceremony to mark the installation of Branksome Hall Asia's inaugural time capsule. Situated in the School Center's Welcome Garden, the capsule will remain sealed until the school's 50th anniversary in 2062.

On the same day, our youngest learners celebrated the unveiling of their new home, the Lower Junior School building, situated on the opposite end of the campus. With the school expanding like never before, this new building will provide a welcoming and nurturing environment for our Lower Junior School students to pursue their interests, be inspired to love learning, and grow into responsible citizens, shaping a better world.

These two momentous events prompted me to reflect on how significant moments are akin to milestones in our lives. They not only represent progress but also serve as links connecting us through the past, present, and future. In our current time and space, they remind us of our past journey and pave the way for future directions. Regardless of where you currently stand in your journey, whether as a student, an adult, or even as a school, every milestone presents the potential to propel us toward our next phase of growth.

As the school year draws to a close, the end-of-the-year stretch will be a busy time for everyone. Grade 12 students are concluding their IB DP exams, while some Middle School students have taken their first e-Assessment, and others are gearing up for their final exams and wrapping up various projects. Junior School students recently celebrated their PYPX and Science Fair. Amidst the chaos, I urge you to take a moment to reflect on your personal milestones from the past year. Embrace the enjoyable memories and identify areas for growth. These reflections and celebrations of milestones will serve as guiding landmarks in your life.