‘The Real World’ Lecture Series

By Florence Wayas, Service Coordinator, CAS Coordinator

This month we are launching a lecture series, for our middle and senior school girls, called ‘The Real World Lecture Series’. We have a wealth of knowledge within our Branksome community and our lecture series will draw on the expertise and experience of our community including faculty and staff, parents, and alumnae; thus providing the opportunity to ‘give back’ to the community in line with our focus on our next Service Pillar, Giving, this semester.

The 20 minute lectures can be delivered in English or Korean and are planned to span a multitude of topics from ‘Indigenous Arts’, to ‘Living in an era of post truth’ to ‘Living Abroad.’ Through these lectures, our students will be able to access knowledge, and skills that will help them to manage their academic studies, select what and where they will study when they go to university and prepare them for life as responsible and compassionate global citizens.

If you are interested in delivering or attending a lecture, please visit our Real World Lectures Google site. https://sites.google.com/branksome.asia/the-real-world-lecture-series/home 

The Lecture Series will be kicking off on October 8th with a lecture from our first guest speaker, Ms. Eden Su, who will be answering questions about her professional journey from Goldman Sachs to UNICEF.