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The Library - A Home Space for Every Student


By Branksome Hall Asia Library Team 


In The Library Book, author Susan Orlean claims that libraries are “a place that is home when you aren’t home.” Librarians agree with this sentiment. Growing up is fraught with emotions as children pass through developmental stages to learn who they are and what they wish to become. A large part of their education involves helping them to develop the skills for responsible decision making, empathizing with others, and managing their emotions. Libraries play an important role in creating safe spaces to learn and grow, especially in times of uncertainty and anxiety.

The Branksome Hall Asia library is a place where students can relax, connect with others, find information and feel like they belong. Whether they prefer working collaboratively in a group space or reading privately, snuggled into a beanbag chair in a quiet corner, libraries offer a chance for students to recharge, escape or simply “be”-- in a place to be alone, without being lonely.  

Branksome Hall Asia Librarians also specifically select books and materials that allow students to recognize themselves in a book,  and to have that ‘ah-ha’ moment of familiarity and connection with a character. We work to build a diverse collection representing a wide variety of social and cultural backgrounds, as well as the breadth of experiences, in order to help students find shelter, find safety, and find themselves in their reading, whether they’re in Grade 1 or Grade 12.

Take a look at some of the SEL resources available for the Branksome Hall Asia community:

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