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The Grade 10 Personal Project

The Personal Project is an independent study that students in Grade 10 that have taken on to pursue a personal topic of interest. Topics that girls at Branksome Hall Asia have chosen come from many categories (Global Contexts) such as environmental awareness, scientific endeavors, or artistic creations. Topics chosen this year include:

  • How can I help children understand the influence of COVID-19 on the world around us?

  • How can we deal with increasing populations in various parts of the world?

  • How can I build a sustainable and energy-efficient city?

  • How can I combat prejudice against those with disabilities?

  • How can I raise awareness of the historical significance of my hometown?

Our students have chosen topics that are of personal interest. Because students have much less supervision and direction than in a typical class, students develop the important skill of learning independently. These skills are not only related to time management, but also to emotional management, perseverance, resilience and self regulation, skills that are crucial in university and for the rest of their lives. For the Personal Project, the student plans what she would like to focus on in her independent study and requests approval from the school. Subsequently, our pupil creates a detailed plan of what she would like to research and what outcome she will produce at the conclusion of the experience.

As you might imagine, students are excited about choosing what they get to learn in school through this project. When the perfect topic for a particular student is selected, that student is energized and passionate to gain a deeper understanding of her chosen topic of interest.

On March 10th, Grade 10 students will present their projects to Grade 9 students. This is a great opportunity not only for Grade 10 students to share what they have learned, but for Grade 9 students to start to think about what project they would like to pursue when they are in Grade 10. According to the International Baccalaureate (IB), the Personal Project is the most important task of all of the Middle Years Program, more important than any individual task from Grade 6 through Grade 10.

Help me congratulate our Grade 10 students in the completion of their independent Personal Projects. The girls have worked hard, developed some incredible skills, and taken steps to make the world a better place through the completion of their Personal Project outcomes.


By Paula Swartz
MYP Coordinator