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The Global Classroom

Using technology to shape how we learn

By Susie Caruana, G5 Homeroom Teacher

Knowing how to use technology - everything from digital notebooks to flying drones - prepares our students for the future. Learning to use technological tools early can support the growth of students both in their careers and in their personal lives. Accessing digital tools to collaborate on projects prepares students for almost any career choice. Technology enables students to connect with people in the classroom and around the globe. Further, connecting to students in other parts of the world fosters cultural learning and teaches students how to work with people who have differing beliefs, value systems, and experiences. 

With all this in mind, as part of our lead-in to the PYP Exhibition this year, Branksome Hall Asia Grade 5 students will be joining in a Global Classroom Initiative. This will introduce our girls to other students around the world who are also participating in the PYP Exhibition.

We see this as a wonderful opportunity for our girls to:

  • make global connections
  • share issues that impact students around the world
  • compare similarities and differences in the lives of our students
  • share ideas, thoughts, and opinions on global issues
  • Collaborate towards PYPX goals/presentations
  • Enjoy learning about different parts of the world
  • Challenge their own perceptions of global issues

Currently, those taking part in this initiative include students from schools in South Korea, Belgium, Colombia, Madagascar, India, and Qatar. Using the Padlet application, students will share their thoughts and perspectives through writing, video, audio, and imagery. This is a new initiative, developed by Matthew White G5 Homeroom Teacher, and one we hope that our school can be involved in for years to come.