Swimming Sports Day

Monday, September 23 marked the start of the CLAN events for Branksome Hall Asia’s 2019-2020 season which began with a Swimming Sports Day event which has now become a tradition at Branksome Hall Asia. The event began with a splash competition by teachers and ended with more splashes.

This year the event included a 50m Freestyle, Noodle Race, Object Retrieval and the day’s highlight a Clan Relay with a couple of new events including ‘Dry’ Teacher Carry, where students were challenged to keep their Clan teacher above the water and dry and finally an instagrammable moment was created with all girls splashing in the pool.

At the end of the day, Campbell was at the top of the scoreboard with 250 Clan points, followed closely by MacGregor with 243 and then Ross in third with 231points! What a fantastic day.

Well done to everyone who participated and thanks to all the teachers who helped supervise or who (literally) jumped in to support the students in our first Clan event of 2019-2020.