Sustainable Canteen Drinking Vessel

A creation by a Grade 12 Inventor  

Congratulations to Jiwon Lee (G12) who has won third place at the University of Technology Sydney’s - ‘Design Your Future’ competition. Jiwon won the prize for her design of a Bioplastic Cup - called the ‘Gup’ - which she invented to limit the use of plastic in canteens and restaurants.

The ‘gup’ has an ergonomic design so that it can be used by young children with small hands, as well as adults. It is made of biodegradable plastic which is not harmful to the environment. The ‘Gup’ is flexible and easy to wash, requiring less water than traditional cups.

Worldwide, 70% of plastic waste is burned in factories, which increases carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and increases global warming. Jiwon hopes more students at BHA will use the ‘Gup’ so that the school can reduce the use of plastic cups in the canteen, and reduce its carbon footprint.