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Sustainability and Technology Fair 

By Matt White, Grade 5 Teacher

The Grade 5 students have explored issues of sustainability in the modern world. Students were exposed to several issues through reading articles, watching clips and discussing some of the key challenges that the earth faces in order to sustain its resources for future generations. They have looked at the impact that their own choices can have on the world and are beginning to consider meaningful action that they can take to ease pressure on the earth’s natural resources. 

Students chose a main area of focus to research deeper into and look at positive steps that are being taken to help resolve some of today’s environmental problems. They considered their chosen issue and made connections to the threats posed to Jeju Island through the increasing tourist population and associated stress on the environment.

Students participated in technology workshops to see how technology can be used to help raise awareness, promote sustainability and educate people on the environmental issues that they have chosen. They have developed their skills using 3D printing, Makedo, Robotics, Makey Makey, Scratch coding, Geodesic Domes, electronic circuits and experimenting with harnessing natural resources. Students presented using iMovie, Stop Motion, creating group websites, persuasive writing and more. Integrating Mathematics, well also explored infographics and discovered how they are an effective way to display statistics and data. 

This unit culminated in the Sustainability and Technology Fair where students demonstrated their learning of a sustainability issue, and the technological techniques they have chosen to promote sustainable living. The audience of BHA parents, staff and students were impressed with the ability of the G5 students to articulate their learning and explain their thought processes throughout the unit.