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Summer is a State of Mind

Summer is a State of Mind

Branksome Hall Asia Social Counselors


As exams come to an end and the days heat up, we hope you and your children will embrace the gift of this summer holiday. We have each provided suggestions on living summer to its fullest.


Rest & Revitalize

Ms. Brook Pauley

As you prepare for summer vacation with your kids, take some time to think about when your kids will rest and relax. It can be tempting to fill up their schedules with hagwons and other academic activities, but I encourage you to allow your kids to have a rest from academics this summer. It will make them more productive and balanced learners in the long term. One of the most consistent themes I hear from students is, "I'm so stressed."  Their schedules are jam-packed and they have high expectations for themselves. There is nothing wrong with high expectations, but I am constantly concerned that my students will crack under pressure. From the bottom of my heart, I am asking you, as parents - please allow your children to rest this summer. Allow them to explore a new hobby they like but also allow them to be bored sometimes. Our kids are constantly stimulated, but studies have shown that allowing kids to be bored helps them develop problem-solving skills, flexibility, organizational skills, and planning strategies. I don't know about you, but I want all of my students to have these skills. So perhaps it's time to lighten up on the hagwons and allow our kids to rest and even be bored.


Learn Something New

Ms. Pauline Li

Learn something new this summer:

  • Outdoor activities: Whether you’re into yoga, running, strength training, or something else, there’s just something about being outside that makes working out more fun. Take advantage of the warm weather by moving your usual workout to a local park, the beach, Oreum, or Olle trail.

  • Make a scrapbook: By the end of the summer, your phone is going to be full of pictures anyway, so why not document those memories with something a little more special? Print out those photos and preserve your favorite summertime moments with a scrapbook.

  • Sketching: You don’t have to be an artist to make something beautiful. Sketching is a low-pressure form of art that anyone can pick up as a summer hobby.

  • Read books in the sunshine: Bring a book to the beach and read it with beautiful music.

  • Make your own jewelry: Capture your own design aesthetic in wearable pieces that you can make from the comfort of your own home. Make them for yourself or gift them to your friends.

  • Practice journaling: It's a great way to get in touch with your inner self, explore new ideas, and express what is weighing on your heart.


Seek Joy

Ms. Laura Muir

The meaning of life is hard to define, as it may differ. It is a question that humans have asked themselves for time immemorial. I am not sure there is only one meaning that gives life its purpose. Certainly, part of life is our relationships with those we love - family and friends. I also believe in hard work and commitment to something. Amidst the hard work and love, one major benefit of the privilege most of us enjoy is making space and time for joy. 

Joy is bigger and fuller than happiness and contentment. We can't feel joy all the time. But, joy may come from music, dancing, running, hugs, hiking to the peak of an oreum, swimming in the ocean, or developing a novel idea from stimulating thought and discussion. As you go into summer, you may look forward to catching up on sleep, eating delicious food, and learning more – do all of this. Please also make room for filling your spirit with joy.