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Success at THAIMUN

Success at THAIMUN

Rae Briard,
Model United Nations Supervisor


Eight students from Branksome Hall Asia returned home from Bangkok, Thailand after having participated in the THAIMUN conference, a research and debate-based United Nations simulation. One of the largest conferences in East Asia, the THAIMUN had over 500 student delegates with schools from eight different countries, including Korea, the United States, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Nepal, and Thailand.


Throughout the three-day conference, students discussed political issues from the perspective of different historical figures and government entities in order to generate and negotiate viable solutions to real-world problems.


All students are to be commended for their hard work and involvement in the conference, but a special mention is necessary for our award winners. Grade 10 SieEun Rhee and Grade 9 Diane Seyeon Lee were both awarded Honorable Delegates in their respective committees. Grade 10 Enkhjin Dorjkhand was awarded the Best Delegate in her committee, and Grade 9 Yujeong Olivia Ha was awarded the Best Chair out of the entire conference.


The students should be proud of what they have accomplished. The long days of debate required constant critical thinking and problem-solving alongside students from diverse backgrounds and experiences. We look forward to continuing Branksome Hall Asia’s MUN journey at the upcoming Middle School conference in Taipei during the April break.


Grade 10 SieEun Rhee and Enkhjin Dorjkhand participated in the International Court of Justice as prosecuting advocates for Pakistan in a 1973 court case against India. In the months leading up to the conference, they created their case by gathering and presenting historical documents and preparing a convincing argument. In the court, the prosecution is required to present proof for the charges they enter and prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Both SieEun and Enkhjin were successful in their case, and the verdict was in their favor.


Grade 9 Yujeong Ha and Grade 11 Wieroo Park had additional responsibilities at the conference and served as Chairs. Separate from the delegates, they began their work as early as December in order to prepare the necessary materials and the background information that delegates would need in order to participate in their committees. Throughout the conference, they were constantly moderating and guiding delegates through their debate topics and providing them with opportunities to improve their skills.