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Students to attend the 9th Asia Pacific Mediation Forum 

Six talented Branksome Hall Asia girls will be participating in the 9th Asia Pacific Mediation Forum this Nov. 1-2, 2019. Our girls will assist with translation over 2 days.  

Teams of 2 girls have signed up to translate and will be involved in 3 to 4 workshops each day. Over the past months they have also assisted with translating the abstracts for all 53 speakers which allow the forum attendees to choose their language of preference. 

Our girls are playing a vital role to facilitate communication in the conference for the 140 mediators and peacemakers who hail from 16 countries! Our girls will be acknowledged publicly as well as treated to an evening gala dinner and will be invited to join the Jeju tour to be held on the following Sunday. In addition, they will receive certificates of appreciation signed by the President of the Asia Pacific Mediation Forum and the President of the Korea Association of Mediators to recognize their work. 

You may find more information on the forum @ 

Press Release: LINK 

Students practicing interpretation several weeks ago.