Students begin the 3rd CASE Session at SJungang Hospital

This past Saturday marked the beginning of the third CASE session at SJungang Hospital.  This term, six students will divide their time developing learning games in the pediatric wing of the hospital and interacting with doctors and patients. These types of experiences are very important as they afford the opportunity for students to explore possible career paths to see if health related careers are a passion for them. Such experiences also help students to consolidate classroom learning through experiences in the real world.  Students create this integrated and deep learning about themselves and their interests as a form of situated learning and the building of these understandings is an integral goal of the IB program.

For those students who wish to enter health sciences, these activities can also form an important component of their application to such professions as medical school or dentistry.  Indeed, medical shadowing or similar experiences are a pre-requisite to applying to medicine at some schools.

Achieving high grades is, therefore, not sufficient alone to gain entry into many top universities.  It is important to note that top universities look for the level at which students are engaged in these experiences.  Students are well advised to be very proactive in helping to develop programs, conduct research, or produce other products during internships. Participation alone does not produce the grist needed for counselors and internship supervisors to write outstanding letters of recommendation for students. We are so fortunate that our girls are innovative and passionate risk-takers!

Dr.  Mark Lee
University Counselor
(SJungang CASE Supervisor)