Spreading the Christmas Joy around Jeju Island

By Arnold Poe

With lyrics like, “It’s Christmas Time in the City,” “That’s the Jingle Bell Rock,” and everyone’s favorite line, “Santa Claus is Coming to Town,” the Christmas spirit was well and truly in the air as the Grade 3 students ventured out for their annual caroling. 

In 2015, the G3 students surprised the whole school by appearing in the pods and singing carols. This has become a yearly tradition. The students also reflected on why we go caroling. Our young learners came up with reasons like, “we do this to make people happy” and “we are showing that we are caring for the community.” Christmas is a time for being together, for sharing happiness, and for showing that we care about our community.

Caroling is also a good way for our students to practice their English skills and learn new vocabulary. 

On Wednesday December 11th students made stops at Sanbangsan, Songaksan, the Moseulpo 5 Day Market, Geumneung Beach, O Sulloc and finally a couple of stops at some stores within the GEC. It was great to see the smiles on shop sellers, customers, tourists and everyone as the students suddenly appeared at a location wearing Christmas decorations and got into formation. As the music started, 52 voices were angelically singing, "The First Noel." People were drawn into the beautiful chorus of voices and by the start of the last carol, "Santa Claus is Coming to Town," everyone was clapping, swaying, dancing, and singing together with the students.