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Special Donation for Turkey and Syria Earthquake

Special Donation for Turkey and Syria Earthquake

David Kelly,
Head of Visual and Performing Arts / Service Learning Coordinator


The Branksome Hall Asia community wishes to acknowledge the plight of those suffering as a result of the Türkiye and Syria earthquake that struck the region in early February. This post is shared as a means of highlighting the continued need for support from those of us fortunate enough to provide aid in whatever ways we can, symbolized by this financial contribution from BHA parents, students, faculty, and staff. Our sincere hope is not only that this money may serve as material aid, but that this post may also be a reminder that the critical needs continue long after the fact, as must our compassion and support.


Special thanks to the Friends of Branksome parents and the Service Council students who dedicated a portion of the funds raised through a community event, “Plaid Tidings,” and organized the special donation.