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Showing Care and Hospitality in Boarding

by Mindi Dryer, Head of Boarding

During the month of January, the Senior Boarding Houses had the pleasure of hosting ten Grade 11 students from Miss Porter’s School. After a few days in Seoul, the girls and their two chaperones arrived in Jeju. For the duration of their ten days in Jeju, they spent time during the day at the school learning and observing Branksome life, exploring Jeju, and acquiring new knowledge about Korean culture. However, when they were not out experiencing Jeju, they were comfortable and happy within the walls of Seondeok and Sherborne Houses.

The girls were paired up with Grade 11 Seondeok girls who were elated to have the Miss Porter’s School students stay with them. Prior to their meeting they were given their contact information and were able to get to know each other through phone calls, texts, and Instagram posts. This made them develop a kinship prior to meeting, which made their welcome dinner so fun and exciting. The students stated it was like “meeting a friend (they) hadn’t seen in a while” Not only were the Miss Porter’s School girls excited to learn about Korea from our students, but our girls were equally thrilled to know about school and social life in America. 

The two groups of girls bonded through food, convenience store runs, and karaoke. It was an amazing mix of cultures and personalities; an opportunity that was welcomed and needed for all students to gain an understanding of cultures outside of their own. We hope that they enjoyed their time in Korea and that the friendships they made last a lifetime.