Reflections on the Grade 10 trip to Seoul 

By : Al Hoffmann, MYP Language and Literature Teacher

This week, our G10 students have traveled to Korea’s capital city for an immersive exploration of the nation’s history and culture. During the first two days, we dressed in Hanboks and toured the expansive Gyeonbaokgung palace, trekked the Naksan Mountain trail along the ancient Seoul City Wall, and solemnly explored the grounds of the Seodaemun Prison. 

Interestingly enough, this Week Without Walls camp has been one that has examined how walls often shape our histories as individuals and societies. The walls we have visited tell many stories of Korea’s past, present, and future. Our students have found the beauty in Korea’s traditions, gratitude for their ancestors’ sacrifices, and pride in their inheritance. 

This 5-day excursion held many opportunities for students to examine how the beauty of Korean culture and the stories of Korean history fit in an ever more connected world.