“Putting Technology to the Test”

By: Tara Farr, Grade 5 Teacher / Grade 5 Level Coordinator 

In our world today, we don’t have to look far to see someone using  technology. Can you imagine what the world would be like without it? G5TF students are keen to learn more about technology every day! Since the first week of school, Grade 5 students have been diligently working with the IT Team in preparation for their upcoming unit, ‘Sharing the Planet’ which will be showcased at the Technology Fair.

There are so many engaging programs and tools to demonstrate learning these days!  Our G5 students have been introduced to constructing circuits, coding to program Mbots and how to create 3D images based on personal ideas. Every week, the girls have met with Mr. Roy, Mr. McAdams, Mrs. Gasparini and Mrs. Sawyer in the Makerspace room to find out more about how to use technology as a teaching and learning tool.  The learning from these lessons will support the girls not only this year, but as they continue in STEM education. 

It is safe to say that all our G5 students are enthusiastic and eager to learn during these instructional meetings. It’s a good thing; they will be prepared for the next wave of technology when it occurs!  Who knows, some of the girls may even be writing the programs of the future. They will be able to say that Branksome Hall Asia’s JS technology program is where it all started!