Pursuing an IB diploma provides future opportunities for students  

By Kathy Binns and Michael Schreider

Branksome Hall Asia’s International Baccalaureate (IB) Program is a comprehensive, inquiry-based approach to learning that benefits all students at all grade levels. The IB approach is forward-thinking and future-looking that allows students to explore a variety of concepts and issues that have a significant impact both locally and globally. Our teachers are trained in IB workshops and seminars to meet the curricular demands using various teaching strategies.  

Focusing on the dynamic cycle of inquiry, action, and reflection the IB program is a holistic method of instruction that helps students engage in real-world problems. For example, Branksome Hall Asia has developed interdisciplinary units from grades 4-11 which explore the role of stories in ecology, the role of social media in sustainable practices, the impact of plastic use, wind power and sustainable energy, biomimicry applied to climate change and finally the grade 11 project which focuses on applying our scientific knowledge to mitigate natural disasters.

Internationally, the IB program has ensured high academic standards and rigor and graduates are well recognized by university admissions departments around the world. The BHA average scores have been consistently and significantly above the world average and our graduates have been accepted in universities in the USA, UK and Canada as well as parts of Asia including Hong Kong and Korea.

A fundamental difference between the IB DP program and the American AP and UK A-levels is the comprehensive structure of the program and how it looks at the characteristics of the students that graduate from the program. A DP graduate will have successfully finished six subjects as well as participated in mandated community activities and service programs. Students of IB DP programs have learned how to balance comprehensive set of activities in addition to their studies that involves a balance of creativity, activity and service. Graduates from Branksome Hall Asia make excellent university students who can participate in extracurricular university programs which is positive to many admissions departments. 

In an interconnected and competitive world, the staff of Branksome Hall Asia emphasize the IB Learner profile that gives our students the skills they need to be lifelong learners. Students of the IB DP understand and appreciate different cultures and are open to the perceptions, values, and traditions of other people. Students will learn to be confident in approaching uncertainties and trained to be independent thinkers and explore new ideas and strategies. Students graduating out of top IB schools like Branksome Hall Asia, tend to become principled individuals, who act with integrity and honesty and show a sense of fairness and respect for individuals, societies and the environment.

At Branksome Hall Asia our students acquire the knowledge and gain the confidence to make the world a better place.