Playground Space Net

by Frances Lond-Caulk 

As you may have seen the JS playground has a new piece of equipment. Our red Space Net was installed at the end of August, however we are waiting for the final safety inspection to take place before the students are allowed to use it. A number of officials need to test the equipment and we are now in the final stages of safety checks. This play equipment is scheduled to be open for student use on Tuesday October 15th.

‘Space Net’ is not a very exciting name, so we launched a competition asking our Junior School children to create a name for the new net. 

The competition closed on Friday 4th October and the entries are now on display outside the JS office. We have not selected the winner yet, but I wanted to share some of the candidate names with you. The children came up with some really creative names.

Here are a few entries that were submitted: 

  • Spider’s Web (this was a very popular choice!)
  • Net of friendship
  • Upside down ice-cream cone
  • Tree Net 
  • BHA School Tower
  • Rocket Star
  • Tangly Tower
  • Sky Zone 


Please keep your eyes open for the winning name and also for the opening of our net!