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Parent Information Session Held in Seoul

By Mark Lee, University Guidance Counselor

Parent information sessions were held on Friday, January 17th in Seoul. These sessions focused on several important aspects of the Career and Guidance program at Branksome Hall Asia. A discussion of core values that included the importance of student collaboration instead of competition at our school took place. Girls learn better in collaborative environments where they can develop their risk taking skills and leadership abilities. Also discussed was the importance of student experiences both inside and outside of the school during the course of the DP program. Experiences such as summer internships, volunteer experiences, and participation in summer programs at universities help students to explore and confirm their interests as they progress in high school and, ultimately, complete the university application process during the fall of grade 12. It was mentioned that one of our new residence Dons is helping to organize and explain summer program opportunities to our students this year.

The structure of the Grade 9-12 guidance program was also outlined and parents heard about guidance classes, our CIALFO university research platform, and other opportunities for students to receive guidance during their learning journey.

There was time provided at the end of each session for discussion and many questions and ideas were discussed. 

University acceptances to date were also outlined and it was noted that offers to our students by the following QS top 50 universities (globally) have been received to date:

 Johns Hopkins University  University of Chicago  University College London
 King's College London  University of Hong Kong  University of Toronto
 University of Melbourne  Chinese University of Hong Kong  The University of Hong Kong
 University of Manchester  University of Bristol  University of Sydney
 Hong Kong University of Science and Technology  University of Edinburgh  University of Michigan
 London School of Economics    

It was also noted that three out of four students who applied to Korean universities this year received acceptances to the schools of their choice. These schools include Yonsei University, Seokyeong University, and George Mason University (Korea Campus). We anticipate more offers to be received over the coming months.

Thank you to everyone who participated. Please do make an appointment with one of our counselors or drop by the offices on the fourth floor of PAC to discuss any issues or ask any questions. We would love to talk with you!

On behalf of the counseling department,
Dr. Mark Lee