Parent Conferences - Helping to Build Community 

By: Ben Drury, Grade 2 Teacher and Grade Level Coordinator

Last Friday October 11, the Junior School undertook its first round of parent teacher conferences for the new school year. Once again our parents responded with enthusiasm and a high level of support. This parent participation typifies what a strong and dedicated parent community we have at Branksome Hall Asia.

Parent-Teacher conferences continue to be a meaningful way to meet your child’s teacher and learn about your child’s academic performance, as well as understand the teacher’s expectations. Knowing what is expected in the classroom allows you to easily address any issue that comes up as your child moves through the school year.

The active participation shown throughout these conferences has helped to send a positive message to the children that parents and the school collaborate closely together to support their learning. Our conferences are a stepping stone to fostering improvement within each child. We look forward to meeting with you next time as we work together to set goals with your child to help boost their motivation and self confidence.