Remarkable Achievements by Our 2019 Graduates

By Steve McNutt, Head of Senior School

As Head of Senior at Branksome Hall Asia, I was delighted by the overall performance of our Class of 2019 when the IB DP results were released in July.  The overall average for the cohort was 35 points, a result which places Branksome Hall Asia among the top schools worldwide.  Indeed, this average is significantly above the overall worldwide average of 29.7 points.  I should also note that over 90 percent of our students obtained the prestigious IB DP Bilingual Diploma.  They are achieving remarkable success despite the fact that English is a second language.

Having said all of this, there is much more to celebrate than what numbers alone can reveal.  For example, at Branksome Hall Asia, all of our students were IB Diploma candidates; that is to say, every student took the full IB Diploma.  This is typically not the case in most DP schools worldwide, where often only the very best students participate in the program.  At Branksome Hall Asia, we believe in the importance of ensuring that every student has the opportunity to be successful.  Indeed, every student is considered to be important and we want every student to reach her full potential.  Our motto of “High Expectations, High Support” is clearly highlighted by the amazing efforts our teachers make to ensure that all students can be successful in the IB Diploma.  As a result of this ethos, the annual percentage of our students who pass the IB Diploma is between 95 and 100 percent. This is an exceptional level of success that again highlights our commitment to the collective success of all students at the school.

Excellent IB DP results also allow our students to obtain offers from the best universities worldwide.  This year, for example, students were offered placements at prestigious institutions such as Cambridge, Johns Hopkins, University of Chicago, London School of Economics, Cornell, Brown, University College of London, NYU, and Hong Kong University—just to name a few.  We are so proud of our students for achieving such outstanding results.  I am certain that much of their success in obtaining these offers rests in the fact that universities regard the IB Diploma in such high esteem.  Furthermore, I should also note that once Branksome Hall Asia graduates enter these universities, the vast majority go on to successfully complete their degrees.  This result is a reflection of the fact that the IB Diploma Program and Branksome Hall Asia prepares students well for the rigors of university studies.

As we begin a new academic year here at the school, we say thank you to the Class of 2019 for making Branksome Hall Asia so proud.  At the same time, we look forward to seeing the Class of 2020 achieve remarkable success and excellence.