Our G9 Exchange Experience

By Seyeon Kim and Sungeun Cho - G10 students

One of the most exciting times at Branksome Hall Asia is coming this month as our Grade 9 girls get ready to visit Canada for a once in a lifetime experience. We’ve asked a couple of our girls to share their experience from last year. 

My Camp Experience at A-L-I-V-E Camp at Arowhon in Algonquin Park, Ontario

By Seyeon Kim G10

Give an example of a time when camp challenged you to get outside of your comfort zone? 

While most of the camp is spent in cabins, one day is spent canoeing for 2 hours into the wilderness. There you are surrounded by pure nature with little camping equipment, no modern toilets except for a small box called the Thunder Box. It is merely a huge box with a big hole in it. 

When we were there, it rained all night and all of our stuff got wet.  

For me, it was quite a challenging day because I am not really an outdoor person. But, it was a great opportunity to hang out with my friends and teachers. G9 students will be cooking, having a campfire and building tents on their own. I actually became an outdoor person through this experience. 

Can you summarize your memories at camp in one sentence? If so, what would you say? 

If I summarize my memories at camp in one sentence, I would like to say it was an opportunity to develop myself and show my strength. We all had to overcome challenges and develop ourselves through experiencing new things and doing different activities. 
I especially think this camp requires extensive interaction with peers since most of the activities involve teamwork. The camp is a great opportunity to show your leadership. 

A Cultural Experience 

By Sungeun Cho Grade 10

Can you explain one cultural experience you had in Canada and why it was meaningful for you?

My cultural experience in Canada was one of the most impressive experiences that I have ever had. Western culture has a different history from Asian culture and the West features different perspectives and values. I was so grateful to learn about how Canada developed its culture and because it was so different I naturally became interested in Canadians. This experience led me to a better understanding about myself and helped me to improve my intercultural and interpersonal skills.

How did this trip help you develop your 'international mindedness'?

The exchange program offers students many opportunities to naturally interact with people from other cultures as we were given missions throughout the program. We were able to interact with and feel the cultural differences and develop an international mindset.
I was especially impressed during the last week of the trip where we spent a lot of time at Branksome Hall Canada. It was a once in a lifetime experience.