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Online Learning in SK

By Victoria Heaton - SK Teacher

In mid-February, SK students had just begun exploring the central idea "Homes reflect the personal identity and local culture." Students brought in pictures of their homes to school to help personalize and support the beginning of this inquiry. At this time, school campuses closed but online learning opened windows of learning into student homes. As unfortunate as it is that we are not all here at BHA, SK teachers and students are making the most of this opportunity. 

Students have been showing each other special items from their homes that reflect personal interests and tastes. They practiced new vocabulary related to houses by taking us on tours of their homes and walking us through models they have built of their rooms.  Students have met the brothers and sisters of their classmates and have had the opportunity to witness first hand how their homes differ from one another in terms of routines, rituals, and appearances.  

We all look forward to the time when we can be together at school again, but for now, we’ll continue to take comfort in being at home, together.