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Odyssey of the Mind Competition

Odyssey of the Mind Competition


Our G8 students Juwon Wu, Seehu Park, Ian Kwak, Sunghye Park, Jimin (Carmen) Song, and Sooin Lee recently won a Silver medal at the Odyssey of the Mind Competition. 

The Odyssey of the Mind competition is a competition where the participants demonstrate their creativity, critical thinking skills, and imagination in groups of 5~7 people. This competition lets the participants experience the meaning and value of cooperation and thoughtfulness. It lets the participants value the process for solutions rather than competing for the result, and be a risk-taker who is not afraid of failure. 

To participate in the competition the participants must choose one long-term project to perform and finish an instant assignment in a given time. For the instant assignment, we even made the fastest record of completing the task that was given: 2 minutes and 2 seconds!

There are 5 different categories for long-term projects which are: transportation, science technology, classic novel theater, structure of space, and performing arts. The instant assignment is very random so the participants don't know any information about it until they start the assignment which will show the participant's skills and thinking skills more. 

Our team participated in the competition as a team name called "The Vibranuims", which meant we would be the strongest team among the competitors since Vibranium is the strongest metal in the world of Marvel. The groups were positioned in levels that were considered by the birth date of the oldest person. Our team had to be positioned in level 3, which meant we had to compete with high school students. Of the 5 categories, we chose the third category, classic novel theater. We had to choose one classical story to analyze and create an 8-minute play of the classical story, where we had to put accidents and happenings in unexpected situations and creatively solve them. 

Our team chose a classical book called "Pride and Prejudice", written by Jane Austin, and we recreated the story into a Christmas play about love beyond pride and prejudice between Christmas Elf and Santa Claus. We thought this theme would show our creativity and imagination while completing given tasks. Like the school production, we created the costumes, props, and sets on our own. We spent almost 6 months preparing for this competition, and despite competing against older high school students than our teammates, we were able to achieve good results. 

Throughout this long-term project we were able to develop our communication skills and increase our critical thinking skills and creativity. Especially, we improved our teamwork and learned how understanding and respecting each other can support great teamwork.