Natural Phenomena and the Planet

The students in Grade 2 are researching natural phenomena related questions and creating posters to display their inquiry findings.

By: Katie Lore, EAL Teacher

In Grade 2, the students are inquiring into changes in the Earth and how its weather has an impact on the way people live their lives. This fascinating unit provides an opportunity to explore the weather, geology, and adaptation so that the students can learn more about how the world works. The students in Mrs. Armstrong’s class are developing and practicing research skills as they work towards building an understanding of how weather patterns change the earth. The children have shown a special interest and are curious about phenomena such as tornadoes, landslides, and floods.

Each child is involved in active learning as they create a research question and work independently, using non-fiction texts, to collect information about a type of natural phenomena. Students are gathering and recording this data so that they can identify, describe and answer questions about their interest topics. Their findings are being presented on an information poster designed with supporting charts, diagrams, and illustrations. When finished, this knowledge will be extended by writing information reports which will allow students to express what they have learned in multiple ways.