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Minji Lee (G11), DP DT; Covid19 Mask design

- Message from Teacher -


The Korea Design Promotion Institute (KDPI) youth awards recognize the strength of our young designers. We congratulate each student for their hard work, dedication, and risk-taking. Each of them has shown tremendous growth as a designer and IB learner.

As a designer, Minji Lee has worked hard to develop her critical thinking skills and creative problem solving. Based on careful user research, her winning design is an innovative solution to the discomfort of wearing a mask. Her final presentation represents the development of design, research, and communications skills.


Aidan Hammond
Head of Design Technology

DP DT; Covid19 Mask design 

During the COVID-19 epidemic, masks became a necessity for all of us. People who wear masks that cover their faces and ears for a long time may feel trembling and pain behind their ears. And I designed a product named “mask adjustor”. It is a product that can reduce ear pain by adjusting the length of the mask strap as desired. Mask adjustor can reduce the inconvenience of wearing masks. By helping people to wear the mask comfortably for a long time, they can not only effectively protect the users from the virus, but also prevent the spread of the virus to others. I was inspired by my golf shoes which contain a Boa-Fit system that can easily control the size of the shoes.


Minji Lee (G11)