MAP Testing At BHA

By Diana Holmes, MS/SS EAL Coordinator

Do you have questions about MAP Testing at BHA? Find the answers in this article!

What is MAP?

MAP stands for Measures of Academic Progress. They are assessments taken in the United States and in 140 countries around the world by more than 11 million students. At BHA students in Grades 3-9 take MAP assessments in mathematics, reading, and language usage.

MAP tests are taken online and are adaptive. This means that, if a student gets questions at her previous level correct, the questions become more challenging. If a student misses questions, the questions become easier.  This creates a test that challenges students without leading to frustration.

Each MAP test usually takes about 45-90 minutes to complete, and students are given extra time if they need it.

Why does BHA give the MAP tests?

MAP provides teachers with valuable information about what a student knows and what she is ready to learn. We can see her progress within a year, and over her many years here at BHA. We also use MAP for external confirmation that our curriculum and programs are rigorous and effective  preparation for success in school and university.

When does BHA give the MAP?

Students at BHA take the MAP tests in October and April. In Grades 6-9, they take the math test in Math class, the reading test in Individuals and Societies class, and the language usage test in their English class.  In Grades 3, 4 and 5, the students take the MAP tests in their homerooms. 

How are the results used?

Teachers use the results in many ways. For example, a teacher may use them to get relevant data snapshots of their class so they can review or re-teach the skills necessary to complete a math, writing, or reading task. Teachers also use them to personalize instruction for students who have specific strengths and target areas. 

When can I see my child’s results?

BHA parents (Grades 4-9) will receive a MAP report in May, after the spring testing has been completed. This report is a snapshot of your child’s growth over the year, and includes information about strengths and suggested target areas in math, reading, and language usage. Families can use this information to guide summer learning and reading.

Please understand that MAP tests are one of many sources of data we use to make instructional decisions. Each MAP test is a “snapshot” of what your child child can achieve on a given day. We use the results to monitor, support, and celebrate your child’s personal development as a reader, writer, mathematician, and thinker during their years here at BHA.

If you would like to see what the MAP test looks like, go to to see a practice test.