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Looking Forward to Fulfilling This Year’s Academic Goals

Each year our teachers address two main whole school goals that lead our professional learning and help to improve the already amazing curriculum that we offer to our students. This year, our focus is on increasing student oracy in English, so that every student can communicate, engage, collaborate and negotiate with the broader English speaking world. Our goal is to track and support student progress and be able to communicate this to both students and parents so that all students show growth in their ability to speak English with confidence.

The second goal involves ensuring that our students connect their learning with real life experiences that inspire them to shape a better world. We expect to develop and implement a minimum of one unit per grade level from SK-Grade 10 that involves real world engagement and an authentic feedback loop. While our students already possess a number of chances to do this, our efforts this year are to ensure that we connect with our local community more authentically, and have opportunities to learn from each other. More information will be shared on this in future editions.

As Head of Academics, it is my role to focus on specific subject areas each year to review and improve our programs. Last year the focus was on the Science curriculum in the Junior School and from this review, the Curriculum booklets were created that give an overview of the whole curriculum for each year group. We were excited to share these booklets with parents this week and hope that they guide parents on what their child will be learning over the course of the year. However, we will not stop there, as our focus is still on further enhancing the units of inquiry in the Junior School. Therefore, this year we will focus on the social studies, health and physical education curricula, not only in the Junior school, but right through the Middle and Senior school.

I look forward to sharing with parents the progress we are making along the way this year. 


Karen Lile
Head of Academics