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Lobbying for Change

The Grade 4 Students have just completed a ‘How We Organize Ourselves’ unit that focused on Government systems and the processes that people can follow in order to effect change. 

Students learned persuasive strategies while being exposed to various Governmental processes, and these two concepts were interwoven to challenge students with a final task: What process should you follow in order to lobby for change at Branksome Hall Asia?

Students chose a wide range of issues that they feel strongly about, from matters with the cafeteria, equipment used at recess breaks, access to school facilities, and increasing resources in our school library.

The process involved several steps that included:

  • Consideration of issues and assistance with planned actions,

  • The writing of a persuasive speech stating reasons, and supportive facts and examples.

  • A film presenting the student’s speech that involves feedback and revision

  • The presentation of a speech to a proposed lobbying target

Students presented to a range of faculty members and senior leaders including Dr. Lock, Ms. Frances, and the Facilities Manager, Mr. Hahn. It is so nice to report that there have already been steps taken by administration based on the students’ arguments and solutions that they provided. 

This was a tremendous learning experience for our students. Not only did they learn to recognize persuasive techniques and strategies but they also learned to apply these strategies in an authentic scenario and follow a thoughtful process to ensure your opinions are heard. 

Of most importance, students learned that they have the ability to impact change and they must take action in order to achieve their goals. 


By Mattew White
Grade 4 Teacher